Associate Certified Experts


Graduates of the ACECC  Career Development Expert Program have completed coursework in the area of career development for new grads and new careers.  Our Graduates have received a complete step-by-step Coaching System to seamlessly run coaching sessions saving you time and money.  Graduates of this program are provided with assessments, resources and templates to move you toward your career goals faster.   

In addition to the coursework, Our Associate Certified Experts Career Coaches have completed hands-on coaching fieldwork where they have coached REAL clients through our coaching process for building successful careers from the inside out.  This fieldwork was assessed and verified.

Career Development Expert

Career Coaches


Denise Turnbull


Jermaine Jamison

Devashish Samanta

Karan Phougat

Shelby Schneid

Olesja Dzenite

Paquetia Goodwin

Lamiaa Abdelhakeem Ahmed

Tania Brown

Youngju Cho

Rucha Mantri

Jayakrishnan V Menon

Zeinab Mohamed Ahmed

Charles Tawk

Elissavet Lykogianni

Preetha Ajit

Yogina Shakya

Irena Bubyr

Shikha Sharma

Aisha Alaman

Purabi Sarkar

Zoya Siddiqui

Megha Kochhar

Will Archer

Lynda Fraser

Munisa Luldasheva

Mufthy Hashim

Sunita Malhotra

Rama Iyer

EssJee Rautenbach

Milena Jovanovic

Paul Cevolani

Elsa Araya-Kuhn

Nora Cross

Sean Nikookar

Olga Vasilieva



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